Sunday, 29 May 2011

Exploring Cupcakes in Sydney #Part1

I've been traveling around Sydney for cupcake shop in Sydney.
So.. my weekends are very busy but it is worth it. Me and my husband visited the cupcake stall in Rocks market last Saturday. Unfortunately, I didn't take a photo of the cupcake stall. I bought 5 mini cupcakes; strawberry, lemon, cinnamon latte, berry choc, mint chocolate. Except for chocolate based cupcakes, strawberry, lemon and cinnamon latte cupcakes were so dry.. I couldn't find any flavour of strawberry in my stawberry cupcake. Um..... Despite of fact that cupcakes were not impressive, the shop looked busy and people walking next to the shop seemed not to be able to just pass it.

Anyway, I went to the Sparkle cupcakery located in Surry hill.
I like the interior design of the shop. Simple. Just the way I like.
I've seen so many cupcake shops with the pretty pink colour theme..
Princess style's shops..
but sometimes men might feel not comfortable to walk in the princess's shop like.
hahahaha.. my husband is quite sensitive about it.

Cupcakes!! Well.. if you are a serious cupcake lover, you will notice that this design of cupcakes is exactly SAME as the 'Sprinkles' cupcake shop in U.S.A.
Similar names : Sparkles / Sprinkles
Similar design : Simple frosting with a dot which shows you a flavour of a cupcake.
It was like a serious replica! No offence.. but as a fan of the Sprinkles.. I was shocked when I saw the cupcakes in 'Sparkles.'

I love the interior!!

We ordered the green tea bubble cupcake(above) and white choc strawberry cupcake.

I opened my greentea bubble cupcake and I found the BUBBLES.. hahaha
It was tapioca pearls..
The cake was a bit dry.
I was hoping the frosting had the green tea flavour, too.
It could've been nicer.

My fussy husband didn't like his white chocolate strawberry cupcake.
He said it was not moist at all and lack of the strawberry flavour.

I should've tried more cupcakes so I could figure out their strong points. Um.. I can say, the image of the Sparkles cupcakery(similar to my blog's name -_-) is luxurious and sophisticated.

It is always good to spend my precious weekends with cupcakes ...and with my lovely husband, too.
Have a great day with a delicious cupcakeswith coffee!!! I will post Cupcakeshop trip #Part Two next time.

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