Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Princess Doll Cakes

Happy 3rd & 4th Birthday,Chantelle & Veronique
in pastel pink & white theme

Vanilla cake with pink vanilla butter cream icing

I've had such a great time while working on these gorgeous barbie doll cakes.
It reminds me my childhood memories playing a barbie doll & having fun with it.
I'm so thankful for Cynthia who believe in me making cakes for her little girls 
despite of not having a chance to look at any sample photo.
Thanks a lot, Cynthia.

It was quite challenging for me to choose the dress design 
(based on client's request of course) because there are so many.
I actually spent over 2 hours looking at doll cakes on the internet.
 It's like the first love as it's my first doll cake!
You become sort of obsessed with it. :D

I'm very happy with the finish look.
Even my hubby seemed to be very impressed with the beauty of the barbie cakes.
He said, " Oh. it's quite cool.." 
It means 'very nice' :-)

                                        I hope Chantelle & Veronique have a big smile 
                              when they see the cakes and lots of fun on their birthday.
Happy Birthday,girls!