Sunday, 31 July 2011

Sydney Aroma Festival

Sydney Aroma Festival
Yesterday(31/07/11) I went to Sydney aroma festival at the Rocks.
It is basically all about coffee. As a coffee lover, I had to visit this place.
There were so many people at the festival. 
Once you are in the middle of it, it is a bit challenging to make your way out.
I managed to take a photo and escape from the crowds but unfortunately, 
we(me and my friend, Allie) missed a fancy moment of having a cup of coffee.

Cold drip coffee
It was very interesting to see this cold drip coffee for the first time.
My friend, Allie explained to me about this awesome machine(?). She sure knows about coffee.
Cold coffee??Um.. 

Raspberries & cream rocky road
I saw people eating this cute little thing on the street. I wondered what it was.
Yes, it was the Rocky road!! The colour was so pretty and looked delicious,too!!

Chocolate croissant
 The sample testing. I love it!!
 I was so busy taking a picture but was able to taste one piece..yummy:-D

Portable coffee cups
 I was looking for a souvenir for my husband and I found these BYO coffee cups.
There were lots of colours you can choose. 
I bought a large baby blue cup with a black lid.

Chocolate dipped fruits
 I couldn't pass this fruits basket. It is awesome!!

Sparkle cupcakes
These cupcakes are goooooood! 
I tried sparkle cupcakes before. (also mentioned it on my post
It was not impressive(dry and hard texture) when I visited the shop 
but yesterday, cupcakes were great(moist and soft...)!!
Maybe they were just freshly baked for the festival?? 
I ate a vanilla and a black velvet. Loved it.
It was quite expensive,though. $4.50/each
Normally the price of regular cupcakes is from $3.80 to $4.00.
Comparing to other places, the sparkle cupcakery's price seems so pricey.

I,myself love visiting festivals, outdoor markets and events..
I had such a good time with my friend, Allie. 

Thank you for visiting my blog, everyone. 
I am coming sooon with lots of fun baking!!

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Friday, 29 July 2011

Cupcake Cards

Mini picture frame from Coffs Harbour
One of my hobbies is collecting picture frames.. 
When I have a trip to somewhere, 
I buy a picture frame as a souvenir. 
I put pictures from places I travelled
 in my picture frames 
so it helps me bring back all the precious memories whenever I see them.

I have found my new hobby, Collecting cupcake cards.
I can't help myself looking for cards with cupcake pictures. They are so adorable!!

A little fairy on the cupcake card
I get easily distracted by pretty cupcake cards.
Even while I am shopping for groceries in a shopping centre, I look for new, cute cards.
One of my favourites is a hand-made card. 
I found the gorgeous hand-made cupcake card at some book store.
It was quite expensive.. I hesitated to buy it and I thought I could make it at home.
I ended up not buying it. Besides, I haven't made any card yet.^^
The best advantage of this hobby is I am always ready to celebrate someone's birthday or special days!!

Lots of love cupcake card

Sprinkles on the cupcake card

Dessert tower card

I'd love to make my own cupcake card soon.
If there is anybody who has made hand made cards or know about good website or resources, please share with me. Someday I hope I can show off my cupcake card^^*

Thank you for visiting Mycupkates.
God bless you all.

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Coconut cupcakes

Coconut cake + vanilla butter cream frosting with toasted coconut flakes
I added more colours to give them an extra touch.

If you are a coconut lover, this is the one.=D

Cute little mini cupcakes
My kind of treats.

Happy baking, everyone.

Sunday, 24 July 2011

Mini vanilla cupcakes

Mini vanilla cupcakes
Vanilla cake with vanilla butter cream frosting.

One bite baby cupcakes. They are so adorable.

The cupcakes were for celebrating Zac's birthday.

35 mini cupcakes in a box.


Mary Poppins Musical

My dear friend Allie
Hello. This is Kate from MyCupKates. 
I'd like to share about my experience of  the musical 'Mary Poppins.'
By the way, this is not about cupcakes( it happens not often though.)^^
Last night, I went to see the musical Mary Poppins.
I must say, it was brilliant & fantastic!!
It is something you must watch!!
The performance was very entertaining. Some magical things happen as well.
In the middle of it, a boy next to us kept asking his mum, " Mum! How did she do it??"
If you have kids over around six years old, it would be a great musical experience for kids.
If you don't have kids, don't worry. Still fantastic to have big fun.

Lots of people came to see Mary Poppins.

We loved taking pictures in the theatre.

Me and Allie
Even in the lady's room.. hahaha=D

I wasn't allowed to take any photo inside of the theatre(sorry;;)
but the mummy was brave enough to take one picture of the stage right before starting.

My lovely souvenir.. Mary Poppins' carpet bag key ring & live recording CD.
Love them>.<

I could see all the staff from the musical have worked so hard.
The stage, dancing performance, music, setting, special effects.. 
They are supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!!!!

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Cars Cupcakes

Disney 'Cars' Cupcakes

Vanilla cupcakes with vanilla butter cream frosting
+sugar fondant decoration
Cars cupcakes for the birthday boy 'Zac.' He is turning to 3 years old on 24th July.
Boys love cartoons such as Spider man, Batman, Superman, Ben10, 
Sponge Bob(I love this,too!),Cars, Toy Story(Girls love it too=D).. 
Zac loves a bit of everything but these days he is into 'Cars' 
according to his mum(my sister in-law)'s  exclusive information.
It is a lot of fun to search these characters and to draw them and 
make templates for cupcakes.

Vroom Vroom-

Zac is 3 years old!!!! Time flies.

Cupcakes in the baby blue box with the happy birthday ribbons 

Poor kids.(my sister in-law has three kids by the way.) 
Their mummy didn't let them eat cupcakes.
She said to kids, "We'll keep them for at least 1-2 days and eat." Lol =D

Happy birthday, Zac!!

Thursday, 14 July 2011

'MOOCHI' natural yoghurt shop open in Strathfield, Sydney

I used to love yoghurt ice cream with lots of fresh toppings.
Sometimes you have huge dinner or lunch and feel guilty about eating dessert afterwards.
But you can be stress free, guilty free with the yoghurt ice cream.
I love it because it is light & healthy and has various toppings I can choose from.

I made this cute 'moochi' cupcakes for my friend who just open his yoghurt shop in 
Shop1/7-9 Churchill Avenue Strathfield, Sydney.
Today is the brand new opening! 
If you live in Sydney, visit MOOCHI and have fresh yoghurt ice cream!!

All the best for the natural yoghurt shop ' MOOCHI ' =D

Vanilla cupcakes with sugar fondant. 

The cute ice cream baby said, "Eat me!!"

For information about the 'MOOCHI'

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Strawberry Cupcake

Fresh strawberry cupcake!
Strawberry cake with strawberry cream cheese frosting
I love trying new recipes to keep myself updated and experiment overflowing recipes.
Always hoping more and better...I love it!
My original frosting for strawberry cupcakes is the butter cream frosting.
But this time I used my favourite cream cheese. 

I believe fresh ingredients are the key of the flavour of every food.
I used fresh strawberries for my cupcakes.
Love the vibrant colour!

*Strawberry puree
I used it for both of the cake and frosting.

The cupcake itself is not so sweet.
It balances sweetness of the frosting.

Thank you for visiting MyCupKates!

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Teapot Cupcake Toppers

Teapot cupcake toppers

One of my dream is having a fancy tea party with sweet desserts. 
Throwing the tea party at my garden with people I love.. 
Most of all, I should buy a house with nice garden=D
I live in a unit which has a small balcony.
I'd love to have my own backyard and grow vegetables and flowers for my family.
 Someday for sure.
Back to the cupcake toppers..
Yes. I was dreaming of my tea party while making the teapot set.

I put some crystal sugar in the tea cups. It looks lovely with pink sugar.

As you see, I didn't miss a cupcake for the tea.

Tada!! My cute little cupcake!

I didn't plan to make the cupcake
 but after making the teapot set, I couldn't help myself wanting some sweets.

Check out how tiny they are.
You can compare the size with the beer cap.

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