Saturday, 8 August 2015

Wedding Cake for Mandy & Hiep

4 tiered wedding cake
-Chocolate mud/White chocolate raspberry/Red velvet

Lavender colour & apple mint touch
Ombre ruffle design
Embroidery work( inspired by Faye Cahill design)

Congratulation on your brand new start together!
I wish you the best, Mandy & Hiep

Sunday, 12 July 2015

Cinderella Cake For Chanel's 4th Birthday

Happy 4th Birthday,Chanel.

White Chocolate Raspberry Mud cake with White chocolate Ganache

It was a lot of joy to make her second birthday cake since I made her very first birthday cake in 2012.
My daughter's birthday was last month and I made Snow White princess cake.
It's so fun to make Disney princess cake two months in a row because they are lovely 
and cute & colour theme is very girly & princess-like.

The cake topper is hand made figurine & the inside of the dress is made of rice krispies. 

Happy 4th birthday, Chanel-lela ;)

Friday, 19 June 2015

Baby dinosaur cake

I've been lazy posting new cakes recently. Yep, I know it's been a long time.
I had a great opportunity to create baby dinosaur party themed desserts 
for Connah's 2nd birthday. 
Since I made his 1st Hoot themed party dessert last year,
 I've had so many requests about Hoot cakes thanks to Connah:D

I'm always grateful to make birthday cakes every year for my clients..
It's so amazing that I can be able to celebrate someone's important moment
 in his or her life  for a few years in a row.

The most wonderful thing is that I get to see the Connah's birthday party pictures! 
How awesome!I love every single photos his mum sent me. 
She prepared the beautiful dessert table for him 
and also I enjoyed looking at cute cake pops her sister made..
(I wish I had one bite of it:D)

Happy 2nd birthday, Connah!

Monday, 15 June 2015

Snow White Cake

 Snow white princess cake for Gemma's 5th birthday

I made this cake for my daughter, Gemma. 
She's requested the princess cake so long after she had 4th birthday party.
She couldn't decide which princess she wants to have 
and she chose to go with snow white in very last minute. 
Then she goes, "Mummy, I want Elsa cake for my 6th birthday!" 
She's already planned her next birthday cake..oh dear.

Flavour of the cake is coconut lemon. 
I love snow white theme because it has such a bright colours & makes my cake shine.

My baby had a blast on her birthday. 
By the way, she was too busy playing her friends to eat her cake;)

Happy 5th birthday, Gemma!
I love you.

Kimmidoll Cake & Sakura Cupcakes

Kimmidoll cake for Evelyn's 3rd birthday

Red velvet cake + Chocolate cake

It's been a while since I posted the last cake. 
I gave a birth to my second child, Lily not long ago so I was enjoying time with my newborn since.

 I still need to post more cakes but I've been procrastinating my work 
so there are lots of things to catch up. 
I recently purchased DSLR camera which is very entry level 
and am working very hard to get used to this new DSLR world..
As you can see, I'm not quite there yet but hoping that I could improve my skill soon.

I love the ombre flowers look on the bottom tier 
& sakura sugar flower with loyal icing decoration on cupcakes. 

I hope Evelyn had a wonderful time on her birthday.
Happy 3rd birthday, Evelyn

Tuesday, 9 December 2014

30th Birthday Cake & Merry Christmas!!

Happy 30th birthday,Stephen!

He loves a car, F1 and basketball.. Everything he loves is in this one special cake for his 30th birthday.
The cake is 8inch vanilla cake filled with dark chocolate ganache. 
The weather these days(constant showers & thunder in hot Summer!!) in Sydney has been very challenging to work on cakes like this.
Especially, ganache doesn't hold its shape quick in the humid & hot weather 
so for the first time, I found it very difficult just to cover the cake with fondant.

I'm so glad that I was able to finish the cake despite of the bad weather
 and someone is going to get the special birthday cake for himself 
& to celebrate his 30th with his family & friends.

I'm now 8 months pregnant and my tummy is growing very fast recently. 
I guess it could be my last cake of 2014.
 I still got lots of things to prepare for my new bub on the way.. 
My 4 years-old daughter is very excited to meet her little sister( yes, it's a girl!)
The next year is going to be more exciting than ever!!( and harder, I guess.. wish me luck!)

Merry Christmas,everyone & Happy New Year!!

From Kate

Wednesday, 19 November 2014


 To be honest, I've never watched the movie "Star Wars" so I had no clue who's who..
The cake made me study about characters of Star Wars & Star Wars Lego..

 The character I made is Yoda, Darth Maul, Darth Vader & O Be Wan Kenobi. I had fun painting lego figurines.. As soon as I started painting each character, it looked more and more like lego figurines.

 It's 8inch chocolate cake filled with chocolate ganache which is my favourite.

 I hope James had lots of fun at his birthday party with his friends. Over the past few years, I've made his cakes and found his favourite characters always changing. His second birthday cake was Disney cars and he had the Toy story cake for his third birthday. Now, he's more into "Boy-ish stuff" How amazing!
 My daughter's into Snow White lately and it's no surprise to see her changing her mind in a few weeks to Elsa(again!) or Sleeping beauty,etc. She wanted to have Frozen cake for her fifth birthday (still long way to go..) before but now she wants Snow White cake so I better be ready for every possible chance my daughter might feel like until her birthday next year. It's the beauty of kids..They love everything!

Happy 5th Birthday,James !!

Friday, 7 November 2014

Air plane cake

 My nephew turned 1 year-old and I made him this cute air plane cake. I found similar designs like mine and It looked very popular and so adorable & perfect for Myles' birthday. Besides, you can not go wrong with sky blue & red colours together. I love love love the colour combination..anything could be forgiven even if you make a little mistake;) 
 It's a 6-inch chocolate cake filled with citrus lemon butter cream. I extended the height of the cake a little bit more (added another layer of the cake) than usual.

 I also made red velvet cupcakes for Myles. I love preparing cupcakes for any kind of dessert tables because my guests can take it home with them.
 I was so glad that everybody loved the cake and cupcakes and by the time the party was over, they were gone!
 People sometimes asked me, " How can I cut the cake? It's too cute to cut it!"
but trust me, it's even better after you cut it..

Happy 1st birthday, Myles;)

Thursday, 6 November 2014

Farm Animal Cake

 I was so excited to make this farm animal themed cake for Frederick's 1st birthday. It's always fun to try new theme like this farm animal cake especially when I have freedom to design it.

 It's 9 inch dairy & soy free chocolate cake filled with vanilla dairy soy free cream. I made all sugar figurines (a little pony, duck, sheep, chicken and baby boy etc.) by hand.

 I feel so blessed that I could create Frederick's 1st birthday cake which would stay with him forever in his photo album. 

 My daughter sometimes talks about her past birthdays by reminding cakes she had.
"I had Dora cake for my 4th birthday. Can I have Elsa cake next year,please? PLEASE?!"
 One of my favourite things to do (since my beautiful daughter was born) is to scrapbook all of my kid's photos. I just don't want to miss this cute little face every day and she eventually will grow bigger and bigger...
  I've been making her photo album(I guess it's a life project!) and make sure I have her birthday pictures with special cakes I made for her so she doesn't miss anything even though her memories might fade away over times as she grows up. 
  That's why I loooove what I do.. My cakes can be a part of someone's precious memories.

Happy 1st birthday, Frederick..

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Princess Doll Cakes

Happy 3rd & 4th Birthday,Chantelle & Veronique
in pastel pink & white theme

Vanilla cake with pink vanilla butter cream icing

I've had such a great time while working on these gorgeous barbie doll cakes.
It reminds me my childhood memories playing a barbie doll & having fun with it.
I'm so thankful for Cynthia who believe in me making cakes for her little girls 
despite of not having a chance to look at any sample photo.
Thanks a lot, Cynthia.

It was quite challenging for me to choose the dress design 
(based on client's request of course) because there are so many.
I actually spent over 2 hours looking at doll cakes on the internet.
 It's like the first love as it's my first doll cake!
You become sort of obsessed with it. :D

I'm very happy with the finish look.
Even my hubby seemed to be very impressed with the beauty of the barbie cakes.
He said, " Oh. it's quite cool.." 
It means 'very nice' :-)

                                        I hope Chantelle & Veronique have a big smile 
                              when they see the cakes and lots of fun on their birthday.
Happy Birthday,girls!

Monday, 15 July 2013

Lena's 1st Birthday Cake

Pink theme Baby girl's 1st birthday cake
with the hand made figurine in Korean traditional costume, Han-Bok(한복)

The design of the whole figurines is inspired by Lena wearing her Han-Bok.

I painted the patterns of her dress by hands and brushed pearl lust on her pink vest.
It was my first figurine in Han-Bok so I was quite excited working on it.
I've seen many baby figurines in Korean traditional costume and
was looking forward to making one someday..

I'm glad that I had a chance to create the figurine for Lena 
and hoping she could keep it to remember her very first birthday.

Happy 1st Birthday,Lena. 

Simple Flower & Mini Ribbon Cupcakes

Simply cute cupcakes in Pink theme
decorated with sugar flower toppers & mini ribbons

Red velvet/ chocolate/ lemon poppy seeds cupcakes

I was having a big sugar rush since I baked three different flavours 
and I have a few leftover cupcakes for myself.

I keep asking to myself, 'Just one bite to try out..
 at least I should check how well they are baked..'
However, I always end up eating a whole cupcake..

It's okay because it's only one cupcake but when I bake three different cakes?
Yes, I eat three cupcakes instead of one, non-stop 
and make a cup of coffee to enjoy the huge tea time with my daughter.

My life is so sweet.. Literally it sure is.