Sunday, 23 October 2011

Saturday, 15 October 2011

Shoes & bags Cupcakes # 1

 Girls' dream cupcakes

All about shoes & bags & bracelets..
Beautiful Jess's birthday cupcakes..she loves Tony Bianco shoes and bracelets..
(I made a little Tony Bianco shoe box,too..^^)

Can you imagine that your friend gives all these goodies as a b-day gift?
I would be super excited and soooo happy!

Party Heels! 
A little ribbons on the back of the red high heels..

Happy birthday, Jess.

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From Kate, MyCupKates

Friday, 7 October 2011

Canberra Floriade 2011

Last week my family visited Canberra to see Floriade 2011. 
It was a long journey to drive all the way to Canberra from Sydney.
Weather wasn't sunny but we were lucky enough to look around beautiful flowers.
After we left, it started raining.. what a relief.. 
(I felt sorry for people who just arrived..)
I took a lot of photos of flowers..I just loved them. so beautiful..
I felt blessed while I was surrounded by all the amazing creatures.
Hope to share some memories from the Floriade with you.

I wish I could take these babies home..

How gorgeous!

My daughter has never seen a ferris wheel before^^ She couldn.t take her eyes off it.

I hope these photos brighten your day!

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for Kylie & Debbie's 21st Birthday

Chocolate cake with vanilla butter cream icing covered with sugar fondant

I made the 2 tier cake for twins' fantastic 21st birthday party.
I hope they like the cake and make unforgettable joyful memories!!

Hand painting logo

Everything is edible except these two, 21st lucky key, pearls

Sugar flower point ribbons

Sugar bracelet 

Special thank Phuong for having me be a part of this amazing event. xoxo

Happy 21st birthday, Kylie & Debbie!!