Friday, 28 June 2013

Pororo Cake & Cupcakes

Pororo Cake for Nicholas's First Birthday

Red velvet cupcakes & marble cake

I finally had a chance to make the Pororo cake! 
I've been waiting for this moment since my daughter started liking Pororo.
Pororo is such a lovely character which is my daughter's favourite.
She is into Pororo & Dora so she's been so excited 
while I was working on Pororo cake & cupcakes.

I felt sorry for her because she couldn't get to touch or taste the cake..
She was  a few step away from it 
and kept saying "Mum, Pororo..Pororo.. Balloons!"

I hope Nicholas enjoys the Pororo figurine:D
The weather has been so bad lately. too much rain & dark clouds..
I miss a bright sunny day!!  Besides, Nicholas's birthday party is tomorrow
so hopefully the weather picks up for his special day!

Happy First Birthday, Nicholas!!