Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Teapot Cupcake Toppers

Teapot cupcake toppers

One of my dream is having a fancy tea party with sweet desserts. 
Throwing the tea party at my garden with people I love.. 
Most of all, I should buy a house with nice garden=D
I live in a unit which has a small balcony.
I'd love to have my own backyard and grow vegetables and flowers for my family.
 Someday for sure.
Back to the cupcake toppers..
Yes. I was dreaming of my tea party while making the teapot set.

I put some crystal sugar in the tea cups. It looks lovely with pink sugar.

As you see, I didn't miss a cupcake for the tea.

Tada!! My cute little cupcake!

I didn't plan to make the cupcake
 but after making the teapot set, I couldn't help myself wanting some sweets.

Check out how tiny they are.
You can compare the size with the beer cap.

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  1. oh gosh! they are soooooo cute! you're so talented! eek!