Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Princess Doll Cakes

Happy 3rd & 4th Birthday,Chantelle & Veronique
in pastel pink & white theme

Vanilla cake with pink vanilla butter cream icing

I've had such a great time while working on these gorgeous barbie doll cakes.
It reminds me my childhood memories playing a barbie doll & having fun with it.
I'm so thankful for Cynthia who believe in me making cakes for her little girls 
despite of not having a chance to look at any sample photo.
Thanks a lot, Cynthia.

It was quite challenging for me to choose the dress design 
(based on client's request of course) because there are so many.
I actually spent over 2 hours looking at doll cakes on the internet.
 It's like the first love as it's my first doll cake!
You become sort of obsessed with it. :D

I'm very happy with the finish look.
Even my hubby seemed to be very impressed with the beauty of the barbie cakes.
He said, " Oh. it's quite cool.." 
It means 'very nice' :-)

                                        I hope Chantelle & Veronique have a big smile 
                              when they see the cakes and lots of fun on their birthday.
Happy Birthday,girls!

Monday, 15 July 2013

Lena's 1st Birthday Cake

Pink theme Baby girl's 1st birthday cake
with the hand made figurine in Korean traditional costume, Han-Bok(한복)

The design of the whole figurines is inspired by Lena wearing her Han-Bok.

I painted the patterns of her dress by hands and brushed pearl lust on her pink vest.
It was my first figurine in Han-Bok so I was quite excited working on it.
I've seen many baby figurines in Korean traditional costume and
was looking forward to making one someday..

I'm glad that I had a chance to create the figurine for Lena 
and hoping she could keep it to remember her very first birthday.

Happy 1st Birthday,Lena. 

Simple Flower & Mini Ribbon Cupcakes

Simply cute cupcakes in Pink theme
decorated with sugar flower toppers & mini ribbons

Red velvet/ chocolate/ lemon poppy seeds cupcakes

I was having a big sugar rush since I baked three different flavours 
and I have a few leftover cupcakes for myself.

I keep asking to myself, 'Just one bite to try out..
 at least I should check how well they are baked..'
However, I always end up eating a whole cupcake..

It's okay because it's only one cupcake but when I bake three different cakes?
Yes, I eat three cupcakes instead of one, non-stop 
and make a cup of coffee to enjoy the huge tea time with my daughter.

My life is so sweet.. Literally it sure is.

Friday, 28 June 2013

Pororo Cake & Cupcakes

Pororo Cake for Nicholas's First Birthday

Red velvet cupcakes & marble cake

I finally had a chance to make the Pororo cake! 
I've been waiting for this moment since my daughter started liking Pororo.
Pororo is such a lovely character which is my daughter's favourite.
She is into Pororo & Dora so she's been so excited 
while I was working on Pororo cake & cupcakes.

I felt sorry for her because she couldn't get to touch or taste the cake..
She was  a few step away from it 
and kept saying "Mum, Pororo..Pororo.. Balloons!"

I hope Nicholas enjoys the Pororo figurine:D
The weather has been so bad lately. too much rain & dark clouds..
I miss a bright sunny day!!  Besides, Nicholas's birthday party is tomorrow
so hopefully the weather picks up for his special day!

Happy First Birthday, Nicholas!!

Friday, 24 May 2013

Wedding Cupcake Tower in Red theme

 Wedding Cupcake Tower For Fen & Jordan

Top tiered cutting cake is a chocolate cake
& cupcakes are red velvet with lemon butter cream frosting.

It was my first wedding cupcake tower so I was looking forward to working on it.

Red colour itself is bold & strong so has great impact on the entire look.
Just like the Bride & Groom:)

Thank you so much for the opportunity to offer you great memories of your special day.

Congratulation, Fen & Jordan.

Friday, 17 May 2013

IZZY Never Land Pirates Cake

Happy 5th Birthday, Phoebe!!

Thanks to Phoebe, I found out about this cute character, Izzy 
from Jack and the Never Land Pirates for the first time. 

It's always fun to work with something I haven't tried..
I know it's challenging and I get more nervous
but it's such a good feeling after making it.

I made the Jessie cake from Toy Story for Phoebe's 4th birthday
 so I'm very glad that I make her 5th birthday cake again this year.
I hope she loves the Izzy cake more than her last cake.

Happy 5th Birthday,Phoebe :-)

Saturday, 13 April 2013

Two Tiered Hoot themed Cake (Giggle and Hoot)

Lovely Hoot Cake

I made this cakes a few months ago for William's very 1st birthday.
I was so thankful for William's parents who came after such a long driving.

I'm so glad that Summer has passed. 
Hot weather & extreme heat have been a big trouble for working on fondant & ganache. 
I think lots of cake decorators would agree on it:D

My daughter has been obsessed with Dora, Peppa Pig and Hoot..etc
She LOVES cute TV characters so it makes me so nervous
 when I start making sugar figurines.
She knows she would get in troubles if she touches mommy's fondant so she just walks around my bench and check every move I make while I'm working on figurines.
It is quite funny to see my daughter being very careful about mommy's thing and staring at it a few steps away from my work bench.. I can see that she wants it so 
(By the way, she is turning three this June.. She will love the Dora cake for her birthday..I've never had a chance to make her favourite TV character cake so this year,
 I decided to make the Dora cake. I can't wait!!)

Seeing my child being happy and smiling is the best feeling I've never experienced before.
I think all parents in the world feel the same..
That's why I'm so grateful to be a part of memorable moments of many parents
and their children by creating a special cake for only one person:D

Happy 1st Birthday, William.xx

Monday, 25 February 2013

Baby Mickey Mouse Christening Cake

 Baby Mickey Mouse Cake & Cupcakes for Kobe's Christening Day

Marble cake & Red velvet cupcakes 
in Baby Mickey Mouse theme

Light blue, yellow and white colours are used in the design of cupcakes and cakes.

God bless Kobe.
I hope you grow beautifully with God & family.

P.S Thanks a lot for sweet words, Faye. 
Happy birthday to you :D

Thursday, 31 January 2013

Upsy Daisy Mini Cake & Cupcakes

Upsy Daisy Cake for Isabella's 2nd Birthday

Chocolate mud cake with dark chocolate ganache

This is a very small size square cake(10cm) 
and I made it as a personal gift to my friend's daughter's birthday.

Thanks to hot, humid weather, I struggled to cover fondant on the cake 
but I'm glad that it all worked out well.

Hand made Upsy Daisy & a big gift box cake for Isabella :)

Fabric style flower decoration cupcakes for Isabella's friends from Church.
Red velvet & Vanilla cupcakes with Vanilla Frosting

Happy 2nd Birthday, Isabella :D
From Auntie, Kate

Friday, 18 January 2013

Ivory pearl & white theme wedding cake

 Spring time (extended height) Ivory Pearl & White Wedding Cake
with a Peony flower

It's my second cake from Planet cake Intermediate Class this week 
along with three tiered wedding cake(below)

3 tiered soft pastel wedding cake

It was so great to learn the structure of the cake in person 
so I was able to actually feel & see  how it works.

All the students decide their own design and 
our instructor, Anna, helps each person to achieve their design individually.
What a privilege!
Besides, you can also learn different techniques 
by watching other students decorating their cakes.

I love that everyone finishes their cakes and 
lines up our cakes on the bench before taking a class picture.
Just looking at beautiful cakes all together is a breathtaking moment.

I can't wait to make more beautiful wedding cakes 2013 :D

3 tiered wedding cake in Soft Pastel theme

3 Tiered Wedding Cake in Soft Pastel theme

I have learned two types of cakes at Planet Cake School for the last 5 days.
I met amazingly talented people in the class
and learnt lots of decorating skills from my teacher, Anna Maria. 

I had a lot of fun learning cake decorating at Planet cake and
would like to thank Anna & Michelle for making my last 5 days awesome!

The first cake is this 3 tiered wedding cake and the base design is made by Planet cake 
so students choose colours for the cake and sugar rose. 
It is quite amazing to look at cakes in so many different styles by just changing colours.

Ombre Frill for the bottom tier cake. It was my first ombre frill! Exciting!

It's me having fun & looking very happy =)

Sunday, 6 January 2013

Pink Birdie Cupcakes

Pink Birdie Cupcakes For Averie's 1st Birthday

Vanilla Cupcakes
& Vanilla cupcakes with raspberry jam filling

The theme of Aveire's 1st birthday party is a bird, light pink & hot pink.
I designed cupcakes based on the theme &
 tried to achieve cute, soft & lovely look just like a baby princess, Averie. 

I thank Averie's mum for trusting me on the cupcake design &
 giving me a chance to make Averie's 1st birthday cupcakes.

Happy 1st Birthday, Averie!