Tuesday, 21 August 2012

[Tutorial] Fondant Baby Booties

Yellow 'LOVE' Baby Booties by Mycupkates

I printed many templates for baby shoes and haven't really tried yet..
There are lots of resources on the internet when you search 'fondant baby booties' 
My laziness have stopped me cutting all the templates 
and actually making cute baby shoes..
What a shame.. 
However, I finally put my effort into making one of the shoes templates and 
would love to share with you.

First of all, the title of the post is 'Fondant baby booties' 
but I used gum pastes(flower pastes) because It holds up the shape easily and dries fast.

The original template(below) is from and 
special thanks to grannys3angels 
who offered one of the most popular baby shoes templates people have been using.


 If you like the cute bunny(above), check my little bunny tutorial here.

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Sunday, 19 August 2012

On my blank canvas..

This is the one I've always wanted to do..
These are my sample wedding cakes I'm working on recently.
On my two tiered blank canvas.. I decorated only with my sugar flowers..
The theme of the cakes would be simple & sophisticated.

Giant poppy.. Love the vibrant yellow colour..
It stands out as itself.

Simply white & a little touch of silver colour..

I love the cute look.. If it was not for the blank canvas cake,
 I would decorate more on the bottom tier to express "cute & refreshing" look.

I love the simplicity and clean look.. 
I hope I could post various themes and looks for wedding cakes.
There are so many cake design I've drawn 
(inspired by fashion catalogs, wedding dresses..etc)
 and I can't wait to make them all..

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Thursday, 16 August 2012

[Tutorial] How to make a fondant bunny

I've just finished making gum paste and am totally exhausted!! 
However, I happened to make this little bunny today so had to post this 
to share with someone who might need a cute bunny for cupcakes
 or saving it for Easter holidays perhaps?

I made a giant sugar flower and there was a bit of white gum paste leftover 
so I decided to make a bunny which is great for beginners to try.
(The carrot is not included in the tutorial. It is the one I made for Easter holidays.)

After taking photos, editing, I just researched "fondant bunny tutorials" 
on the internet to see how other people have done bunny tutorials and 
I found the exact same looking bunny like mine in the blog "wee love baking" by Sharon 
who is one of amazing Australian cake artists.
What a coincidence! 
I was shocked at the beginning and also hesitated to post this tutorial 
but I found there are a few different methods so I decided to post this to share.

What you need..
White modelling paste or Gum paste
Spaghetti Stick
Pink petal dust
Tooth pick
Small round tip(optional)

1. Shaping body parts

 2. To attach the body parts, use a brush with a little bit of water (very lightly!)
*I put the spaghetti stick in the center of the body to support the head.

3. Making bunny ears

4. Use tooth pick to mark a line in the middle of each ear

5. Dusting in the marked line

6. Making the mouth using the tip (you can also use the tooth pick)

7. Making two holes to place ears 

8. You can simply put ears into the holes with a little bit of water.

9. Using an edible pen, draw eyes on her face:)

I hope you enjoy it.
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Monday, 6 August 2012

Cupcakes for Mum

6 Cupcake gift box for mum

It's raspberry chocolate cupcakes.
My client ordered cupcakes for her mum's birthday and her mum loves Prada bags.

2* Flowers
2* Prada design bags
1* Mini cupcake with "Happy b-day" message
1* Stripe Ribbon with a gift tag "Mum" with a little heart

I researched Prada bags which can go well with the colour theme 
and am very happy with the result.

I feel very ambitious when my clients trust on cupcakes design and leave it up to me.
I get to think a lot on the entire design 
and hope that every client says "wow" when they see cupcakes.

The cute mini cupcake on the big cupcake.. so fun! :-)

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Saturday, 4 August 2012

Cupcakes for Men

These are cupcakes for Men...

I've made girly cupcakes for ladies who love shoes, bags and make up..
and now it's cupcake time for men.

The language on the sign is Korean. 
My friend's friend asked me to make cupcakes for her boyfriend
 and she wanted to leave his name and a little hearts on a cupcake.

A bag, belt, car key, car, necktie, wallet, cap..
They are so tiny that you can enjoy all of them on your cupcakes!

They are made by free hands and all edible!

Shoes cupcakes

I made girly cupcakes for another occasion 
and would love to share two pairs of shoes I made.
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Have a wonderful day!
Happy Caking:)