Saturday, 25 June 2011

Cookie&Cream Cupcake

Cookie&Cream Cupcake

Chocolate cupcakes with cookie & cream buttercream frosting with a mini oreo

I baked them in the morning to give volunteers for parents' room in Hillsong church. 
My daughter, Gemma has been stayed in the parents' room when attending chuch since she was born.
She is now 1 year old.
She can move to Cubby house from now on. The volunteers have been amazing and so helpful. I wanted to say thank you with the sweet cupcakes.

I have tried many cookie & cream cupcakes and I think sometimes simple things are the best..
I made mini cupcakes and regular cupcakes.
Mini cupcakes are the same as I mentioned above.
For regular ones, I put a half oreo(with cream) on the bottom and pour chocolate batter.
It is a little surprise=D

Saturday, 18 June 2011

Tiramisu Cake


Hello!! Thank you for visiting my blog again.=D
Yes. It is not cupcakes. I made the tiramisu to get me inspired for my perfect tiramisu cupcakes.
My friend, Allie, came over my house and we made it together.
We had so much fun.

We had some troubles while making it.
Accidently, we skipped the egg whites in the tiramisu. (but it tastes good!)
The flavour was much better after overnight in the fridge.
While in the fridge, all the flavours got muturer and deeper..

My best tiramisu I've ever had is the George's Cafe Homemade Tiramisu.
It is located in Burwood Rd, Burwood.
You can find a big shopping centre and it is right next to it.
When I was pregnant, this tiramisu was my No.1
My husband and I just drove to the cafe and ordered it with some coffee of tea.
We just left after 10-20 mins. How quick
They give you one coffee shot and Icecream or cream (your choice. I love it with ice cream.)
You gently cut the cake in half and pour the coffee shot inside of it. The coffee shot will get absorbed ..
You spoon the cake with some ice cream..
Love it!!!

Hahaha. =D Anyway, I am happy with the result of my tiramisu. My friend shared it with her sharemates and they all loved it.
If anyone'd love to know the recipe and try out, contact me anytime. I am more than happy to share it.
Have a delicious day!!

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

How to make a Rubber Duck with Sugar Fondant

Cute Rubber Duck

A few days ago, I saw this rubber duck from a cupcake book in a bookstore.
It looked so cute in the cover page so I decided to make one.
It is so easy that everyone can do it.

1. Prepare sugar fondant(You can find it in Woolworths or Coles)
2. Add a tiny drop of yellow colouring in sugar fondant. Knead it till getting the right consistency.
*Prepare orange coloured fondant,too

 3. Shape of the body

4.(Sorry for jumping up the stage quickly. I've forgotten taking a picture=D)
Head, Eye balls & Mouth
Brush water on ther surface you should attach.

 5. Make Feathers
Yes.. you need some tools for it. If you don't have it, you can shape the feathers with hands.

6. Almost finished. She needs eyes to see.

7. It is an edible pen. I got it from a cake decorating shop. I used small chocolate sprinkles for eyes before.
You can draw eyes with the pen. Make sure to draw them after drying fondant.
(Ink from Edible pen can be spreaded on sugar fondant if it's not dried. Like what I did..)

A little cute Ducky Completed!!!

I haven't posted 'How-to/Tutorial' because I think I am not good at Explaining in writing.
However, this one was so cute that I had to share it with you.
I hope you enjoy it. If you have any question, feel free to leave me a message.
Have a delicious day!

Monday, 13 June 2011

Exploring Cupcakes in Sydney #Part2

Exploring cupcakes in Sydney Part2

1. Cupcakes on Pitt

Like everyone knows.. 'Cupcakes on Pitt' has got many shops around Sydney.
I saw some other people's reviews about the shop and it was a bit negative.
For example, cakes seem from cake mix, not from scratch.
I haven't tried the cake mix so I can't tell you about "cake mix'
I am not quite sure about using cake mix.. because I don't know what's in it..

I orderd 'cookie & cream, cherry ripe, vanilla sundae, tiamisu, chocolate brownie, honey comb.'

My first impression on Cupcakes on Pitt was 'Poor Service.'
The staff at the shop was not loaded with the information about each cupcake.
I bought 6 cupcakes and I asked her what is inside.
(because all the cupcakes looked so in .. when I see cookie & cream cupcakes, I expects cookie cream cupcakes with cookie & cream frosting. However, they looked like just chocolate cupcakes with vanilla frosting and an Oreo cookie on the top.. so I was curious...and asked her " What's inside of cookie & cream?" She said while laughing " cookie."
Omg. I asked her more questions..the answers were

Me: (pointing at 'cherry ripe' cupcakes) "What's inside?"
(It looked just simple chocolate cakes with pink frosting.. didn't look like any cherries in it.)
staff: "Cherry. It is Cherry Ripe."

Lol. I was not sure if she was being sarcastic or she didn't know how to explain about cupcakes..

 To be honest, all cakes were light & fluffy.. The vanilla was too fluffy so it left a lot of crumbs.
My husband and I liked the texture of cakes.

For the frosting..It was a big let down. um.. I think they use "Shortening" which I don't prefer to eat..
The shortening makes the frosting very smooth and easy to work with.
It is not vunerable with temperature as well.
Once you try it, you will notice the difference. My stomach reacted on it straight away.
The frosting was 'No' for me. 

Here is the next cupcake shop.

2. Cupcakebakery

I ordered " tiramisu(again), vanilla vanilla, hummingbird, choc-choc"

It was more expensive than the cupcakes on pitt but it was worth it.
Tiramisu was totally different from the first one.
(vanilla cupcakes with a little bit of coffe syrup inside and the coffee frosting with coco powder)

All cupcakes were fresh.
It was more like Home made version of cupcakes.
Cakes were soft and the frosting was similar to my one but much sweeter.
I bet there is no shortening in it.

In one day, I had too many cupcakes..hahaha
 It was great to spend time with my family..After trying all the cupcakes, I am full of new insparation.
Can't wait to start baking!!

Saturday, 11 June 2011

Gemma's 1st B-day Cupcake Tower

My very first sugar fondant cake

Welcome gifts for guests

Yesterday was my baby's 1st birthday.
Gosh, Time flies.. I remember myself holding Gemma in my arms when she was just born .
She was so tiny and fragile..I was too scared to hug her tight. 


It has been so wonderful since Gemma was born. I think having motherhood has been changing my personality in a good way. Like.. I have become more patient and understanding.

Gemma wearing Korean traditional dress, Han-bok

Happy Birthday Gemma.
We love you..

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Thank you for visiting my blog=D

Thursday, 9 June 2011

Double Chocolate Cupcake

 Double Chocolate Cupcake

Chocolate cake with dark chocolate fudge frosting

Um.. I love chocolate. Who wouldn't??
It can be frosted different ways but I love this flower shapes
 because it offers proper amount of icing for my liking.
It is pretty,too!!
It looks fancy with the silver cashous.

Just so in love with design of cupcakes.
When I look at nicely presented cupcakes, it is not just a cupcake.
What a shame, it has to be eaten. :-D

Monday, 6 June 2011

'Thank You' Message Cupcake Box

Lemon Cupcake

Lemon cupcakes filled with lemon curd 

Very Lemonish.
My plan was to make very tangy lemon cupcakes.
I baked vanilla cupcakes and made a hole in it.
My lemon curd turned out great with good consistency. I filled the hole with the lemon curd.

I could've frosted with only lemon curd but I made lemon cream cheese frosting and added it on the top of the cupcakes.

The main issue is a portion control because both of two elements ; lemon curd, lemon cream cheese icing are quite strong.

I decided to go with my lemon cupcakes with lemon cakes with lemon cream cheese frosting.

If you love tangy, fresh lemon flavours, I recommend the lemon curd. So refreshing!

Friday, 3 June 2011

Blueberry Cupcake

Blueberry Cupcake

Blueberry cakes with
berry & lemon butter cream frosting

The blueberry cake is made from canola oil & yoghurt.
I tried the cupcakes with chocolate chip on the top.
It seemed to work well together so it got me thinking it would be great if I put my chocolate frosting on the blueberry cupcakes. 

Blueberries are one of my favourite fruits. When blueberry's season comes, I go to Flemington market and buy them in bulk. In the morning, I make a blueberry milkshake ; healthy version.

It is quite simple to make.
No sugar, just natural ingredients..
2 table spoonful of blueberries with 3 table spoonful of natural yoghurt and one and a half cup of milk. I share it with my husband in the morning.
By the way I had a cup of coffee with the blueberry cupcake. It was very relaxing moment for me until my little baby Gemma woke up from her bed. Hahaha. Have a delicious day with my blog!!

Green Tea Cupcake

Green Tea Cupcakes

 Green tea cakes with green tea cream cheese frosting

The cake is made from canola oil , not butter.
I love it because it is not too sweet and soft & moist as well.
The cream cheese frosting gives a boost of the green tea flavour.