Sunday, 1 April 2012

Easter Cupcakes

Happy Easter!
Easter holiday is just around the corner.
 I love Easter holidays because there is the Easter show 
with lots of rides, animals, crafts and show bags!

To celebrate Easter, I made these cupcakes 
which have hot cross buns, an Easter bunny, carrots, chocolate eggs in a nest..
Four of them(above) are point cupcakes from a set of 12 
and the rest are going to be classic chocolate cupcakes with Easter eggs decoration. 

 I love hot cross buns..toasted, with lots of butter.. 
so I had to make them on Easter theme cupcakes.. 
I should call it chocolate hot cross buns if you don't mind.

MyCupKates' Easter bunny holding a carrot

Chocolate eggs in a nest

If you like to leave an Easter message,
'Happy Easter' or 'Good Friday' are available on carrot & hot cross bun cupcakes.

For more information about Easter cupcakes, 
you are always welcome to e-mail or text me.


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