Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Pretty Flower Cupcakes

Pretty Flower Cupcakes

I love making sugar flowers. They look great especially when they are on the top of the cupcakes.
It brings such a joy to look at and I sometimes can't stop staring at them after completing whole petals.

Sugar flowers I decorated on these cupcakes are great for any occasion 
from little girls' birthday party to lovely spring weddings. 

My daughter's 2nd birthday is coming soon
 so I'm thinking about making a princess theme dessert table for her.
Of course these flowers are going to be a part of decoration for desserts..
My plan so far is making a princess theme cake, cupcakes, cookies & cake pops.. 
My mum & twin sister from overseas are visiting my family soon 
so my sisters would be my helpers. I can't wait to do baking with them 
because they've always wanted to make cupcakes with me.We are going to have so much fun!

I'll post about a Gemma's princess dessert table in a few weeks! 

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