Thursday, 16 August 2012

[Tutorial] How to make a fondant bunny

I've just finished making gum paste and am totally exhausted!! 
However, I happened to make this little bunny today so had to post this 
to share with someone who might need a cute bunny for cupcakes
 or saving it for Easter holidays perhaps?

I made a giant sugar flower and there was a bit of white gum paste leftover 
so I decided to make a bunny which is great for beginners to try.
(The carrot is not included in the tutorial. It is the one I made for Easter holidays.)

After taking photos, editing, I just researched "fondant bunny tutorials" 
on the internet to see how other people have done bunny tutorials and 
I found the exact same looking bunny like mine in the blog "wee love baking" by Sharon 
who is one of amazing Australian cake artists.
What a coincidence! 
I was shocked at the beginning and also hesitated to post this tutorial 
but I found there are a few different methods so I decided to post this to share.

What you need..
White modelling paste or Gum paste
Spaghetti Stick
Pink petal dust
Tooth pick
Small round tip(optional)

1. Shaping body parts

 2. To attach the body parts, use a brush with a little bit of water (very lightly!)
*I put the spaghetti stick in the center of the body to support the head.

3. Making bunny ears

4. Use tooth pick to mark a line in the middle of each ear

5. Dusting in the marked line

6. Making the mouth using the tip (you can also use the tooth pick)

7. Making two holes to place ears 

8. You can simply put ears into the holes with a little bit of water.

9. Using an edible pen, draw eyes on her face:)

I hope you enjoy it.
Thanks for stopping by.

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  1. Very, very, very nice and lovely!!!

    Regards from Spain


  2. Me encantan tus trabajos.

  3. Very cute, quick and effective bunny, just what I needed for my carrot cake.