Friday, 7 November 2014

Air plane cake

 My nephew turned 1 year-old and I made him this cute air plane cake. I found similar designs like mine and It looked very popular and so adorable & perfect for Myles' birthday. Besides, you can not go wrong with sky blue & red colours together. I love love love the colour combination..anything could be forgiven even if you make a little mistake;) 
 It's a 6-inch chocolate cake filled with citrus lemon butter cream. I extended the height of the cake a little bit more (added another layer of the cake) than usual.

 I also made red velvet cupcakes for Myles. I love preparing cupcakes for any kind of dessert tables because my guests can take it home with them.
 I was so glad that everybody loved the cake and cupcakes and by the time the party was over, they were gone!
 People sometimes asked me, " How can I cut the cake? It's too cute to cut it!"
but trust me, it's even better after you cut it..

Happy 1st birthday, Myles;)

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