Sunday, 14 August 2011

How to make Mochi

Hi. I am posting about Mochi today.
 I made traditional mochi for my parents in-law.
Very soft and easy to make.
This is the basic mochi anybody can make.
It is a home-made style mochi so if you want to give it a go, 
Here is the easiest recipe for you.

I like the freshest mochi!!! As soon as I made it, I tried it. Omg!! so good!!!
I love the red bean paste even though I didn't make it from the scratch.
You can find black sesame paste in Asian grocery shops as well.
You can make about 6 mochi with this recipe.
I recommend you eat them in a day.
You can have the softest mochi !!

150g glutinous rice flour
 3 table spoons of sugar
 pinch of salt
150g warm water
Potato starch for dusting
Red bean paste 
(I bought a pack of red bean paste from Asian grocery shop)

1. Mix flour, sugar, salt and water and stir till smooth
2. Microwave it 3mins and mix it through. 
     Microwave 30 second to a min again.
3. Dust potato starch on the bench and knead the mixture( be careful, hot!)
4. Take one mochi size(up to you!) from the mixture 
and put a teaspoonful of red bean pasted inside of mochi
5. Make a round ball shape and dust with potato starch.

Why don't you make some mochi for your family and friends today?

Enjoy, everyone~


  1. thank u for ur recipe. I'll try to make it with my daughter.

  2. Thank you. Hope you enjoy the mochi! =D