Monday, 19 September 2011

[Recipes] Ricotta Cheese Cake

 Ricotta Cheese cake 

I love cheese cakes.. I've made New York Cheese cakes & blueberry cheese cakes but
never tried Ricotta cheese cake before.
I've been eager to make it since I visited Pasticceria Papas in Haberfield, NSW.
They sell cookies, cakes, ice cream, coffee, bread..etc.
I bought a small ricotta cheese cake for our big family dinner and tried a was AMAZING!
The sweetness of the cake is not overpowering so you can fully enjoy delicate cheese taste.
I loved it so much!

I found the ricotta cheese cake recipe(by joy of baking) I wanted to try so
 I bought all the ingredients to give a good go.

It is quite expensive to make if you are going for a good quality of cheese( ricotta & cream cheese).
I was hoping my cake turned out great because I didn't want to fail especially with pricey ingredients.

As you can see, it turned out great. Soft & creamy..and Heavenly!
When you have guests for dinner and should prepare some good dessert. This is it.
I recommend that you make it a day ahead so flavours are mature enough and well blended.

I have guests for dinner tonight so I made it yesterday. 
 I don't have to worry about making dessert today! Pressure free=D Yeh!

Feel free to take a bite.
It is Heavenly! 

Have a delicious day!!
Thank you for visiting, everyone.

Recipe info here ->

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