Monday, 5 September 2011

White Cake with Chocolate Butter cream Icing

Hello, everyone.
This is the birthday cake for my husband.
I made 6 inch - 4 layered size of white cake with chocolate buttercream frosting.
I was about to make devil's food cake as my husband is a serious chocolate lover
 but my curiosity for new recipes kicked in as usual 
so I had to try a white cake recipe from magnolia bakery cook book.
It was a lot of fun to make. 

After making my first macarons, I've been keen to work with egg whites recently.
This White cake also requires some work with egg whites. 
You whisk them until achieving a soft peak and fold them into a cake batter.

I decorated the cake with the sugar flower I made and the red ribbon.
I didn't plan to decorate the cake like this. I was going to make it simply for eating.
No flower,, ribbons.. no picture whatsoever..
In the end, I couldn't help myself decorating it. Yes, it deserves to look good. 

I have to confess that my flower is missing the last large petal. Has anyone noticed?
Well.. I could say..'It is a part of the design...' :-p 

When I bake something, the most important thing is that it is delicious.
I feel happy when someone looks at my cupcakes a big smile and enjoy eating them.
I hope I can deliver my passion and love through my baking goods.

My husband seemed to enjoy the birthday cake so my mission has been accomplished!!

I hope you have a delicious day with my blog.

Happy baking, everyone!

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