Sunday, 11 November 2012

Surprise Gift for my friend, Allie

This post is dedicated to my friend, Allie 

We've known each other since we were in primary school. 
She is always kind,thoughtful and I admire her soft & warm heart. 
I've felt so lucky to be so close to her since she came to Australia to further study 
at Sydney University and i am very thankful for the time we've shared together.
It makes me sad that she is going back to Korea in a few days..

Aroma festival at Rocks

I took pictures of us whenever I had a chance,
 but I lost a track of some of great pictures! Its a  Shame.
I haven't showed her these photos so hope it is kind of a pleasant surprise for her.

My musical buddy=D
 I love watching musicals and concerts and she also loves them too. 
We've watched a few musicals and concerts together and had so much fun!
I'm going to miss you so much 
whenever I find a good musical or concert I would like to watch..

Because of my cupcake addiction, she got to try cupcakes whenever we met..
I always wanted to try new things and we loved to talk about flavours & textures of cupcakes.
Thanks to her, I tried some drinks I have never had at Starbucks & Boost because she used to work at
Starbucks so knows what's good and bad.
I kind of love everything she introduced me to like Booster's Mango Tango
 which is my go-to drink when I feel like a refreshing drink.

 She is a very easy-going person and not a picky eater at all!
We love sushi in general, yum-cha ( our favourite is mango pancakes! ), high tea time..
love trying new food.
Unlike my husband (Sorry, babe ;-P), I don't have to think .. ' What if she doesn't like it? ' 

Recently, we tried high tea classic at Tea Salon in Westfield, Centerpoint on Pitt St.
Even though we had to wait for almost 40 mins, 
it was worth waiting for because their scones were so gooood!

We had an awesome Indian dinner at Newtown to celebrate Allies' Graduation.
I'm so proud of her and admire all her hard work to finish her studies. 
I know she'll achieve her goals in her life and hope she is always happy 
and visits my family in the future again.

I'll see you in Korea next time, Allie.
Love you heaps!

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