Monday, 15 June 2015

Snow White Cake

 Snow white princess cake for Gemma's 5th birthday

I made this cake for my daughter, Gemma. 
She's requested the princess cake so long after she had 4th birthday party.
She couldn't decide which princess she wants to have 
and she chose to go with snow white in very last minute. 
Then she goes, "Mummy, I want Elsa cake for my 6th birthday!" 
She's already planned her next birthday cake..oh dear.

Flavour of the cake is coconut lemon. 
I love snow white theme because it has such a bright colours & makes my cake shine.

My baby had a blast on her birthday. 
By the way, she was too busy playing her friends to eat her cake;)

Happy 5th birthday, Gemma!
I love you.


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