Saturday, 30 April 2011

Coconut Lover Cupcakes

Coconut Lover Cupcakes

What's inside? Coconut cake + Lemon cream frosting

If you love coconut, this is for you.
The frosting has lemon zest so it gives you a little bit of tangy flavour
which goes well with my coconut cake.

Sometimes, I feel like a coconut drink. When I eat out with my hubby, I love to eat Pho.
They sell coconut drinks which I love..
Love coconut slices in it.
I might feel like pho because I can order coconut drinks!!

 I occasionally make coconut cakes.
What I love about it is the aroma..
When I bake it, there is sweety & coconutty aroma from the oven.
I enjoy this moment.. not last long but awesome!

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