Thursday, 28 April 2011

Why I love Cupcakes?

Super-mini Rocky road Cupkate

As a full-time mum, cooking and baking has brought me lots of joy and
fulfillment of my life.

Most of all, I CREATE something from nothing. It feels good as you all know.
Making cupcakes, cookies & pies..has become my favourite part of my daily life.

I wake up early in the morning because my daughter, Gemma,
always wake up at around 6a.m.
When she take a nap for one or two hours during the day,
 I usually make sweet things like cupcakes, brownies(my hubby's favourite), scones or pies.

I love having coffee in the morning with small dessert I made. Who wouldn't? big advantage of  baking is you can meditate yourself while baking.
When you get stressed out or feel gloomy,
bake your favourite sweet cupcakes or brownies. 
While making them, you will find yourself more relaxed..
(I sometimes use this meditation after fights with my hubby:-p It works!)
Most of all, you can have sweet, stress-free cupcakes!

Plus, you don't need to buy aroma stick or oil..
Baking itself brings you exciting aroma from the oven.
It is something which makes you happy.

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