Friday, 20 July 2012

Cake Pops & Sprinkles

 Chocolate Cake Pops coated with White Chocolate & lots of Sprinkles
For Zac's 4th Birthday

I love Cake pops because it is a small treat which is one bite 
so you don't feel guilty about it.

My daughter loves cake pops. She is the first person
who gets to try a freshly made cake pop. 
Gemma gets so excited when I start making cake pops 
even though she is only 2 years old, 
she knows what I'm going to make by looking at me grabbing bowls or ingredients.
Once she realizes that mummy is making cake pops,
 she constantly looks over my kitchen bench
 hoping she can swipe yummy sprinkles left over.

I think cake pops tastes even better when you use chocolates for coating.

It was gone in seconds!

Happy 4th birthday, Zac.

Thank you for visiting MyCupKates.
with lots of love,

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