Saturday, 14 July 2012

Cupcakes to die MyCupKates

Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Cupcakes

I just fell in love with them..
I went to gourmet food grocery last weekend and 
bought the organic Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla extract.. 
It was VERY expensive but I had to buy it to make the best vanilla cupcakes..

I believe good quality ingredients decides good quality food and
 I don't have any doubt about it when it comes to baking.

Raspberry cupcakes with Raspberry butter cream frosting

I added a few drop of raspberry puree into butter cream frosting and
 it brought natural pink color into frosting.. no food coloring at all..

Raspberry cupcakes with white chocolate butter cream frosting

If you have a sweet tooth, this is yours.
Raspberry + White chocolate = Match made in Heaven!
What else can I say?

Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Cupcakes

Love Sprinkles..

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with lots of love, 

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  1. Kate, Carole Sanek in Brooksville, Florida posted a picture of your cupcakes and they are sooooooooo cute!!! These cupcakes had girlie things on them - high-heeled shoes, purses, all kinds of really adorable items. Thanks for making my day the day I first saw them - and still!
    Dana (Denver)
    Do you only sell your cupcakes in Ohio?