Saturday, 28 July 2012

Snow Flake Cookies

Pink Snow Flake Cookies

The base cookie is shortbread which has very SHORT
I love using shortbread as my sugar cookie base because I love the texture and lightness 
and it has rich butter flavour I love the most.
All I want after baking it is a cup of coffee and one shortbread.

I live in Sydney so it is the winter in August..
The cookies are for the birthday baby girl,Chanel who were born in winter last year.

For someone who wants to know what I used for the snow flake pattern,
I piped it with royal icing and sprinkled white sand sugar on the top of the icing 
and also one silver cashous in the middle.

Snow-like Cake pops! 
inspired by snow flake cookies

Thank you for visiting MyCupKates.
Happy Baking!

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