Sunday, 3 July 2011

Exploring cupcakes in Sydney #Part3

Babycakes by Renee

One day, my husband told me he found a cupcake shop called ' babycakes '
He was on the way home from work and he found the company car with a logo 'Babycakes.'
He knows I love to find a cupcake shop and try out cupcakes.(It is a researching or learning process for me.)
There are three shops so I chose one in 55 Norton St. Leichhardt.

(I bought strawberry cream, cherry bomb, strawberry mud and peanut chocolate..)

The shop was located in shopping plaza and it was right in the middle of the aisle so very easy to find.

Yes, they sell baby cupcakes. It is for one bite. 
The good thing is you can try many flavours if you want because they are tiny .
(no need to feel guilty after eating 4 cupcakes)

They have many flavours to choose. 
I wanted to mention about all the flavours but I didn't have time to take all the details.
(My baby was crying for the Wiggles' toy car;;;)

I loved this strawberry mud cupcakes. Like I said, I was in hurry 
so I couldn't take a picture of  the inside of it. Sorry about that =D 
The cake was pink colour and very sweet.
 I guess it was strawberry mud cake with white chocolate ganache with pink food colour.
Most of cakes were a bit dense. However, you feel satisfied because the cake itself is tiny so you barely notice. It is too small to judge how good .. It is hard to be specific about the all the flavours.
All I can say are.. 'It is dense but yummy. It is sweet enough..not bland'

If the texture was too light and fluffy, I wouldn't be happy about it because I might feel like eating nothing.
By the way, they also sell cakes and giant cupcakes too.(above) 

 Cherry bomb baby cake
I like this one. Chocolate mud cake with chocolate ganache + half glazed cherry. I loved the cake itself.
Chocolate mud... who wouldn't??=D
I was expecting some cherry jam inside... or cherry chocolate cake but I loved it.

Peanut..something cake.
I guess it was Chocolate cake with peanut butter frosting.
It didn't give me strong impression so .. Pass.

If you visit the 'Babycakes' , try 'cherry bomb' & ' strawberry mud.'
If you find out more yummy ones, please share some yummy information=d

Have a delicious day!!

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  1. When visiting the Leichhardt area I recommend the cupcakes in the Cupcake Room on Balmain St, unless you have been there already. Quite beautiful and the frosting is something :)