Saturday, 15 October 2011

Shoes & bags Cupcakes # 1

 Girls' dream cupcakes

All about shoes & bags & bracelets..
Beautiful Jess's birthday cupcakes..she loves Tony Bianco shoes and bracelets..
(I made a little Tony Bianco shoe box,too..^^)

Can you imagine that your friend gives all these goodies as a b-day gift?
I would be super excited and soooo happy!

Party Heels! 
A little ribbons on the back of the red high heels..

Happy birthday, Jess.

Thank you for visiting.
From Kate, MyCupKates


  1. These are incredible! How in the world do you do it? I would love to watch! Do you make cutters and molds? I am seriously amazed!

    Anna Hall Grillot on FB

  2. Thanks,Anna:-)For shoes,i made shoe templates by myself.. And used small round cutters for front and back. I didn't have certain cutters or molds for these toppers. It took a lot of time to make them all,though^^ thank you for liking,Anna. xx

  3. Brilliant designs! I especially love the brown and the red shoes.

  4. Thank you so much,Charlotte. I think always the first one(brown shoes) comes out good. I'm glad you like it. xx