Monday, 15 July 2013

Simple Flower & Mini Ribbon Cupcakes

Simply cute cupcakes in Pink theme
decorated with sugar flower toppers & mini ribbons

Red velvet/ chocolate/ lemon poppy seeds cupcakes

I was having a big sugar rush since I baked three different flavours 
and I have a few leftover cupcakes for myself.

I keep asking to myself, 'Just one bite to try out..
 at least I should check how well they are baked..'
However, I always end up eating a whole cupcake..

It's okay because it's only one cupcake but when I bake three different cakes?
Yes, I eat three cupcakes instead of one, non-stop 
and make a cup of coffee to enjoy the huge tea time with my daughter.

My life is so sweet.. Literally it sure is.

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