Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Sugar flowers 'Poppy'

Find my sky blue poppy flower..

I adore sugar flowers.. Especially on wedding cakes, 
beautiful hand made flowers give cakes extra wow facts.
I've been learning about making giant sugar flowers at Planet cake.
I've been making peony, magnolia, dog rose and poppy.
I've got one more class to go. ( I haven't completed any flowers yet 
because we've been making flowers step by step..)

my sky blue poppy
I've repeated what I've learned at home every week.
I am supposed to learn combining all elements together next week..
However, I couldn't help myself wanting to see my finished least one.
I decided to complete the poppy..
All elements I made at home were smaller than ones from the class.
I can say.. medium size..
I must say, it is a time-consuming work and 
each elements need to be dried enough.( overnight - 2.3days..)

all different centres of flowers

I used left over sugar paste from the class.. 
it is supposed to be white(for colouring) but I had lots of sky blue paste so had to use it.^^

flower petals

I've used cutters or made samples for petals.
There are some wiring work and 
rolling each petals to make them thin & natural as well.

This is my medium version of poppy. 
I'll post more of my giant sugar flowers soon.
Keep updated, everyone! 

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