Friday, 29 July 2011

Cupcake Cards

Mini picture frame from Coffs Harbour
One of my hobbies is collecting picture frames.. 
When I have a trip to somewhere, 
I buy a picture frame as a souvenir. 
I put pictures from places I travelled
 in my picture frames 
so it helps me bring back all the precious memories whenever I see them.

I have found my new hobby, Collecting cupcake cards.
I can't help myself looking for cards with cupcake pictures. They are so adorable!!

A little fairy on the cupcake card
I get easily distracted by pretty cupcake cards.
Even while I am shopping for groceries in a shopping centre, I look for new, cute cards.
One of my favourites is a hand-made card. 
I found the gorgeous hand-made cupcake card at some book store.
It was quite expensive.. I hesitated to buy it and I thought I could make it at home.
I ended up not buying it. Besides, I haven't made any card yet.^^
The best advantage of this hobby is I am always ready to celebrate someone's birthday or special days!!

Lots of love cupcake card

Sprinkles on the cupcake card

Dessert tower card

I'd love to make my own cupcake card soon.
If there is anybody who has made hand made cards or know about good website or resources, please share with me. Someday I hope I can show off my cupcake card^^*

Thank you for visiting Mycupkates.
God bless you all.

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