Sunday, 31 July 2011

Sydney Aroma Festival

Sydney Aroma Festival
Yesterday(31/07/11) I went to Sydney aroma festival at the Rocks.
It is basically all about coffee. As a coffee lover, I had to visit this place.
There were so many people at the festival. 
Once you are in the middle of it, it is a bit challenging to make your way out.
I managed to take a photo and escape from the crowds but unfortunately, 
we(me and my friend, Allie) missed a fancy moment of having a cup of coffee.

Cold drip coffee
It was very interesting to see this cold drip coffee for the first time.
My friend, Allie explained to me about this awesome machine(?). She sure knows about coffee.
Cold coffee??Um.. 

Raspberries & cream rocky road
I saw people eating this cute little thing on the street. I wondered what it was.
Yes, it was the Rocky road!! The colour was so pretty and looked delicious,too!!

Chocolate croissant
 The sample testing. I love it!!
 I was so busy taking a picture but was able to taste one piece..yummy:-D

Portable coffee cups
 I was looking for a souvenir for my husband and I found these BYO coffee cups.
There were lots of colours you can choose. 
I bought a large baby blue cup with a black lid.

Chocolate dipped fruits
 I couldn't pass this fruits basket. It is awesome!!

Sparkle cupcakes
These cupcakes are goooooood! 
I tried sparkle cupcakes before. (also mentioned it on my post
It was not impressive(dry and hard texture) when I visited the shop 
but yesterday, cupcakes were great(moist and soft...)!!
Maybe they were just freshly baked for the festival?? 
I ate a vanilla and a black velvet. Loved it.
It was quite expensive,though. $4.50/each
Normally the price of regular cupcakes is from $3.80 to $4.00.
Comparing to other places, the sparkle cupcakery's price seems so pricey.

I,myself love visiting festivals, outdoor markets and events..
I had such a good time with my friend, Allie. 

Thank you for visiting my blog, everyone. 
I am coming sooon with lots of fun baking!!

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Have a fantastic day!!

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