Thursday, 14 July 2011

'MOOCHI' natural yoghurt shop open in Strathfield, Sydney

I used to love yoghurt ice cream with lots of fresh toppings.
Sometimes you have huge dinner or lunch and feel guilty about eating dessert afterwards.
But you can be stress free, guilty free with the yoghurt ice cream.
I love it because it is light & healthy and has various toppings I can choose from.

I made this cute 'moochi' cupcakes for my friend who just open his yoghurt shop in 
Shop1/7-9 Churchill Avenue Strathfield, Sydney.
Today is the brand new opening! 
If you live in Sydney, visit MOOCHI and have fresh yoghurt ice cream!!

All the best for the natural yoghurt shop ' MOOCHI ' =D

Vanilla cupcakes with sugar fondant. 

The cute ice cream baby said, "Eat me!!"

For information about the 'MOOCHI'

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