Monday, 13 June 2011

Exploring Cupcakes in Sydney #Part2

Exploring cupcakes in Sydney Part2

1. Cupcakes on Pitt

Like everyone knows.. 'Cupcakes on Pitt' has got many shops around Sydney.
I saw some other people's reviews about the shop and it was a bit negative.
For example, cakes seem from cake mix, not from scratch.
I haven't tried the cake mix so I can't tell you about "cake mix'
I am not quite sure about using cake mix.. because I don't know what's in it..

I orderd 'cookie & cream, cherry ripe, vanilla sundae, tiamisu, chocolate brownie, honey comb.'

My first impression on Cupcakes on Pitt was 'Poor Service.'
The staff at the shop was not loaded with the information about each cupcake.
I bought 6 cupcakes and I asked her what is inside.
(because all the cupcakes looked so in .. when I see cookie & cream cupcakes, I expects cookie cream cupcakes with cookie & cream frosting. However, they looked like just chocolate cupcakes with vanilla frosting and an Oreo cookie on the top.. so I was curious...and asked her " What's inside of cookie & cream?" She said while laughing " cookie."
Omg. I asked her more questions..the answers were

Me: (pointing at 'cherry ripe' cupcakes) "What's inside?"
(It looked just simple chocolate cakes with pink frosting.. didn't look like any cherries in it.)
staff: "Cherry. It is Cherry Ripe."

Lol. I was not sure if she was being sarcastic or she didn't know how to explain about cupcakes..

 To be honest, all cakes were light & fluffy.. The vanilla was too fluffy so it left a lot of crumbs.
My husband and I liked the texture of cakes.

For the frosting..It was a big let down. um.. I think they use "Shortening" which I don't prefer to eat..
The shortening makes the frosting very smooth and easy to work with.
It is not vunerable with temperature as well.
Once you try it, you will notice the difference. My stomach reacted on it straight away.
The frosting was 'No' for me. 

Here is the next cupcake shop.

2. Cupcakebakery

I ordered " tiramisu(again), vanilla vanilla, hummingbird, choc-choc"

It was more expensive than the cupcakes on pitt but it was worth it.
Tiramisu was totally different from the first one.
(vanilla cupcakes with a little bit of coffe syrup inside and the coffee frosting with coco powder)

All cupcakes were fresh.
It was more like Home made version of cupcakes.
Cakes were soft and the frosting was similar to my one but much sweeter.
I bet there is no shortening in it.

In one day, I had too many cupcakes..hahaha
 It was great to spend time with my family..After trying all the cupcakes, I am full of new insparation.
Can't wait to start baking!!

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