Saturday, 18 June 2011

Tiramisu Cake


Hello!! Thank you for visiting my blog again.=D
Yes. It is not cupcakes. I made the tiramisu to get me inspired for my perfect tiramisu cupcakes.
My friend, Allie, came over my house and we made it together.
We had so much fun.

We had some troubles while making it.
Accidently, we skipped the egg whites in the tiramisu. (but it tastes good!)
The flavour was much better after overnight in the fridge.
While in the fridge, all the flavours got muturer and deeper..

My best tiramisu I've ever had is the George's Cafe Homemade Tiramisu.
It is located in Burwood Rd, Burwood.
You can find a big shopping centre and it is right next to it.
When I was pregnant, this tiramisu was my No.1
My husband and I just drove to the cafe and ordered it with some coffee of tea.
We just left after 10-20 mins. How quick
They give you one coffee shot and Icecream or cream (your choice. I love it with ice cream.)
You gently cut the cake in half and pour the coffee shot inside of it. The coffee shot will get absorbed ..
You spoon the cake with some ice cream..
Love it!!!

Hahaha. =D Anyway, I am happy with the result of my tiramisu. My friend shared it with her sharemates and they all loved it.
If anyone'd love to know the recipe and try out, contact me anytime. I am more than happy to share it.
Have a delicious day!!

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