Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Planet Cake

Hi, everyone! 
I've just started a course for Giant Flowers at Planet cake.
I've been so waiting for visiting 'Planet Cake' which is located in Balmain.
They make awesome cakes and do lots of cake decorating classes.

I always love to improve myself in many ways.
 For cupcakes and cakes, I don't hesitate to learn more.
I've been baking a lot at home and found myself falling in love with cupcakes...
(so now I am studying at TAFE to learn in professional ways and I love it!!)
After getting into these cupcakes and cakes, I've found more exciting things in cake decorating.
I love working with sugar fondant because it creates big fun and joy.
The limit is endless. You can make anything you can think of.

I research and read a book about sugar craft. I've pretty much learn by myself.
Many people asked me, 
" Why don't you do cupcake classes?" " Can you teach me how to make ___?"
I am so thankful for them loving my humble work.
That's why I want to learn more and to be better myself.
When I believe I am ready, I hope I could share my knowledge and skills someday.

I haven't got any photo from my Giant flower class because I am not allowed to during the class.
In fact, I also was so busy making flowers.
Once I finish the course, I'll post my Giant sugar flowers 
so wait for my beautiful work, everyone^^
I have some pictures from Planet Cake for you.

These cupcakes are so adorable. I love the simple design with good colour matching

The gift box cake

Very vibrant colours.. Love it!!

I can't imagine myself eating this cake. It is such an incredible work!!

The wedding cake with humour. I love the fun fact!
Do you want to see more about Planet Cake? ->

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Thank you for visiting Mycupkates.
Have a great day!!!

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