Monday, 15 August 2011

Cupcakes I made for RSPCA cupcake party

Hello, everyone!
Last Sunday(14/08/11), Moochi , natural frozen yoghurt shop, 
helped me sell my mini cupcakes for RSPCA cupcake day.
I've raised $126!!
Thank you, all the supporters!

 I could get the sign from RSPCA cupcake day website.
I printed it for the cupcake party.
Originally, RSPCA cupcake day is 15th of August this year 
but if you are fundraising money and want to be a host for a cupcake party, 
you can do it any time in August.
(If you want to know more about RSPCA cupcake day, 
you can find more from my previous post 'RSPCA CUPCAKE DAY 2011'

 Give your love to animals in need..
You can simply go to my fundraising page and donate to RSPCA directly.

Vanilla & Chocolate mini cupcakes

Chocolate butter cream frosting
 I mixed dark chocolate and milk chocolate together and melted them for the chocolate frosting.

The cupcake menu was..
Vanilla Pink / Vanilla Tree : vanilla cake with vanilla butter cream frosting
Vanilla choc : vanilla cake with chocolate butter cream frosting
Double choc : chocolate cake with chocolate butter cream frosting
Choc Vanilla : chocolate cake with vanilla butter cream frosting with maltese
Cookie & Cream : chocolate cake with cookie & cream frosting with cookie flakes

Special thank you for David, Moochi. I can't thank you enough.=D
Thank you so much, everyone for your big support!!

My favourite chocolate cupcakes ready to go!

Pretty vanilla cupcakes with edible flowers

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