Tuesday, 23 August 2011

The Giant Sugar Flower Class by Planet Cake

Finished products!
Hello, everyone.
 I've just completed the giant sugar flower class!!!! 
(I posted about the planet cake & sugar flowers before.)
 I was so excited when I enrolled the class 
because it was the first time for me to learn sugar craft professionally.
I've always learned it from internet, books and videos..almost self learning I guess.
My teacher, Jessica has been so amazing.
She doesn't hesitate to share her know-how & knowledge with students.
Most of all, she is a very kind and happy person.
Loved listening to her I-pod music during the class.


Dog rose(yellow)

 I had some drama going on during the class.  When I was taping all my magnolia petals, I dropped it...and most petals were just broken apart.. It broke my heart... literally.. 
I've been putting so much effort into making petals for last 3 weeks and I just ruined it in seconds.
I was very lucky to have other classmates' extra petals so
 I was able to make my new magnolia...How lucky I am!
Thank you, class & Jessica for helping me..

Air brushing


I love this dessert and tea table. 

very proud of what we've done!!

 It was great to see all flowers completed and looked beautiful.
We did our own design so every flower looked unique and intriguing..
Some were gorgeous and looked real. Others were experimental.. rare colour to find but very attractive..
I've learned a lot from other people's flower design,too.

My seat was right next to teacher's demo table. I can see my teacher, Jessica with brown T-shirt.

I will miss this class.
Hope I can come back soon... First, I should save some money.=D hahaha
We all finished the giant sugar flowers class!! Happy days! 
 Thank you for coming.
Have a great day!!!